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Holiday Pop-Up Bar

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

All clubs strive for membership satisfaction, especially during the holiday season. Cherokee has done a couple of “pop-up” events to ease the process of signing up for events and allow everyone to participate. As a result of the popularity of other “Pop Up” events, we created a Holiday themed “pop up” bar at both the Town Club and the Country Club!

During the holiday season, our Main Bar as well as other bars are quite busy so to add additional bar service as well as some fun additional activities, we decided to do a holiday pop-up bar similar to the ones we see around the Atlanta area. Complete with tacky holiday décor, a blow-up snowman, and holiday-themed cocktails- it was a fun casual event for our member and their guests.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The catering team spent time collecting some fun holiday décor you would normally see at home and other holiday bars- including colorful lights, tinsel, a blow-up snowman, and lanterns all over the room. The catering team and some of the food and beverage team spent most of the day transforming one of our event spaces into our holiday bar!

Members truly enjoyed the fun and goofy ambiance, the holiday-themed cocktails, and the DJ playing classic holiday music. The members hope it becomes an annual tradition and the Food and Beverage team hopes to transform our Main Bar for next year!

Member comments:

“The decor was so fun and festive! We really enjoyed the party, and we plan to attend if offered again next year.”

“Was an awesome event to bring guests!”

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