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How to Engage Your Members in Your Renovation

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Inform & Engage Members Through Forums: member forums were planned for multiple dates prior to finalizing construction plans. Personal invitations were sent to every member and published on social media channels, emails and newsletter. At forums, communication was clear, staff was involved and open dialogue was created. Members knew their opinion was valued. Opportunities for members to make decisions were included (i.e. offer options for assessment, hold a vote).

Keep Communication Open and Invite Input: Create a standing page on the website with feedback from forums, plan updates and construction photos. Continue to post updates in the newsletter and engage members in design. Publish interior design boards and invite feedback. Develop video to educate members on history, finances and future goals and engage a larger audience. Create a photo wall and ask members to share photos and memories. Run a contest for naming the new space and publish winner.

Reward Patience and Appreciate Involvement: Plan a grand opening event that is free to members, make sure members are the first to see the new space. Invite news coverage, send out press releases, and create buzz for unveiling by hosting social media influences to post about the reveal. Host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the begging of the event for your Board of Director and project partners. Hire a professional photographer to document the celebration.

Celebrate! At the Grand opening event, include complimentary appetizers and signature passed beverages. Offer tasting of new menu items. Hand out a custom made booklet that includes pricing and amenities for the new space, such as how to rent it, how to decorate it, AV capabilities, etc. Send members home with a to-go treat.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The member's reaction has been extremely positive. The new spaces are being fully utilized.

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