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It Takes a Village: Employee Branding

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

With over 700 employees spread across two campuses, it can be difficult to find a sense of community as a team. To help combat this feeling, our Communications Team set out to create a brand for staff that uniquely represented everyone.

We had a vision, but not the talent, so we commissioned a local artist to design an exclusive piece for CCV staff. We invited the artist to CCV and gave her a behind-the-scenes tour of both campuses so she could learn more about the CCV community, and encouraged her to take photos of things we felt were special to the Club and our staff.

After a couple revisions, we were to create a final design to serve as an employee brand that captured the spirit of being a part of CCV with subtle nods to club landmarks, events, and staff perks (such as “Ice Cream Wednesday”).

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The final design was premiered at our All-Staff Summer Party with free shirts and stickers for attendees. It purposely designed as a vector file, so our communications departments can pull bits and pieces of the larger brand artwork to represent specific departments, and so the departments can utilize it how they see fit. For example, the design has been utilized by the Human Resources department to reinvigorate their recruiting booth. The new booth backdrop is bright, busy, and colorful – a perfect conversation starter for college students looking to start a new career in hospitality.

If you pay CCV a visit, you might spot the stickers on water bottles and laptops across the Club. Staff have even mentioned framing the art or adding the stickers to a collection they have a home. By choice, this piece is also not available for members – it’s something staff can take pride in calling their own.

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