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Mini Mudder Warrior Race

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The 3rd Annual Mini Mudder was much-anticipated! The event focused on the core values of Congressional: consistent implementation, clear intentions, continuous improvement. The Fitness Team created an event that cultivated the creativity across multiple departments and went in tune with a fitness trend that has been executed across the country. Ranging from the Greens & Grounds Team in developing the obstacles, the Food & Beverage Team with creating the “mud” themed snacks and beverages, as well as the commitment and dedication from the Fitness team. The some of the fifteen muddy obstacles included a mud search, spider webs, army crawl, foggy dash, wall climb, hurricane zone and more. Over 1000 pounds of mud was used in a 1 mile long course that took 30 hours to plan and 50 hours to execute. It was a happy, muddy event with over 75 kids, ages 5-12, participating in the annual event in September 2018. Finally, participants left with goodie bags full of Congressional (and of course muddy) swag!

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

With a growing trend of Tough Mudder events around the country, we tried to get creative and put a kids spin on the idea. After some team meetings and collaboration, the concept was born: the Congressional Mini Mudder. Instead of the barbed wire and electric fences that challenge the typical adult Tough Mudder participant, we envisioned slip ‘n slides, mud pits, giant spider webs, muddy army crawls, fence climbs, forest runs and sand traps. By utilizing our open space surrounding the clubhouse, the expertise of our Greens & Grounds department, and the creativity of the fitness team, we developed a course consisting of 15 obstacles through water, mud, ropes, wooded areas, fog, over hills and pallet fences. After the event, there wasn’t a clean kid at Congressional- and 2 very messy locker rooms. Both the parents and kids have created buzz around the event, reflecting on last year and looking forward to next year!

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