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How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Summertime at Bay Head Yacht Club brings members back into town after a long winter away from Bay Head. With a highly seasonal Club, there is a long span between the last large Club event of the year and the kick-off to the next summer. Such long breaks away can tend to cause members' minds to slip, especially when it comes to names! With such an active membership, remembering names of not only those you frequently socialize with, but those you care to just give a friendly hello to, may become even more difficult. As a proud family club, the idea of being able to give a friendly greeting (even if you can not recall a name) is important.

The BHYC Commodore had the idea of this simple, yet incredibly effective, method to help members recall everyone's name at the first membership-wide mixer of the season. Nametags! The cost-effective and somewhat silly idea encouraged members to wear a stick-on nametag with their familiar name. This way no matter who you ran into, you were able to give a hearty hello and kick-off summer in the friendliest of fashions.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The overall goal was to offer a cost-effective method to tackle a simple issue that is just human nature. People forget things after a long period of time! While this idea is so simple, the solution allowed members to interact more freely and feel more confident to approach new members or those they might have met briefly in the past. It was astounding to see how many members took to this idea as the entire club was filled with shirt pockets affixed with neon-colored nametags. There were several comments on how this was a bit goofy, but truly how effective it was. So much so that the nametags were requested by smaller committees hosting socials throughout the summer. The nametag order for the summer of 2023 has already been placed!

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