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Nerf Night

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

This event offers parents an opportunity to enjoy dinner in the dining room while we supervise their children. The cost of the event covers food for the kids, minimal supplies, and a basic setup. One exciting addition to our winter ballroom events is Nerf Night, which has proven to be a hit. Club staff participates by leading games and serving as referees to ensure fair play. This event is easily repeatable and can serve as a pop-up event to fill your calendar.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Fun for Boys & Girls we host traditional capture the flag, red robin, and more competitive games. Nerf Night is Low cost with members' children bringing their own guns, we just supply 20 extra bullets for each child, a bandana, and safety glasses. 25 or more kids we split the night into two shifts, late night tweens/teens and early evening 6+. Games are played and dinner is served picnic style in a circle amongst friends. The minimal set up is banquet tables and chairs turned on their sides to create obstacles for the kids to “run” around. Safety is important so we sign waivers, and no running is allowed in this version of capture the flag. One staff Member is required to Ref the evening by deciding if someone was hit with a bullet or not. This fun filled evening is like a night at camp and a chance to make new friends and the club. Parents love how this activity will tire out the kids before bed and allows them to get all their energy out at the club which usually is a setting for being proper we turn up the volume yelling and enjoying music. Perfect for Winter and getting use out of the ballroom.

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