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New Bottled Water Initiative

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

At Tara Iti Golf Club we are always thinking of innovative ways to approach sustainability. As part of a local community initiative “Plastic Free Mangawhai” Tara Iti Golf Club continues to deliver a wide range of positive environmental measures including conservation, water management, supply chain, community, energy and waste management.

In 2018, the Club launched a new bottled water initiative to their membership and guests. Our goal was to eliminate single-use water bottle consumption onsite, associated costs, energy use and emissions through behavioural change.

This innovative idea has enhanced our club's operations through cost savings while reinforcing the club's community image.

Approximately 48,000 single use water bottles were being consumed by the club annually equating to 20,000 kg of plastic. 
The disposal and recycling of the bottles is even more alarming. Until recently waste plastics in NZ had be transported to China (9500km away) for recycling. China’s current refusal to accept recyclable materials means that these could now end up in landfill.

This idea has been shared and accepted by our partner properties which include Jack's Point Golf Club and Amisfield Winery in Queenstown.

In addition to this, Amisfield winery hosted a luncheon for BMI International this past October where we showcased the initiative to many Club Managers who felt they would incorporate the same idea. (So if you see this idea entered by another club, just note it started here at Tara Iti!)

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

We reviewed systems both locally and internationally and concluded that the Nordaq water system was the best solution for the Club’s future.

The multi-use Nordaq bottles are refillable at multiple locations around the property and we have ready to go bottles available at the Clubhouse, the Caddy Shack, Concierge and Onsite accomodations. 

We also offer personalised drinking bottles for our members and returning guests. This has enabled us to expand our personalised service and reinforce our club mission to exceed expectations at every turn.

Additionally for members who are looking to build residentially with the area, we've suggested and secured favourable pricing of the Nordaq system which can be tailored to suit any future homes.

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