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How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

An important aspect of a club’s brand and voice is how the organization is portrayed before initiation. Beginning in 2017, BHYC started sending a welcome packet before the bill went out some time later. In that packet is everything a new member would need to know, in an aesthetically pleasing manor that represents Bay Head Yacht Club.

First, a tradition welcome letter with the seal goes on the left hand side, accompanied by a hand-written note from the general manager asking the new member to make an appointment to tour the Club. Additionally, on the left, is an information card that says “Welcome to Your Club” on the front, and features a slew of information including their member number, website ID, dress code, management contacts, etc. On the right, the member can find the most recent publications, wedding and events folder and a new member booklet, updated and tailored every year to include the most important information. The right also includes a free sailing lesson to promote yachting, their membership card and a card with their directory information and an envelope to send it back with changes.

This packet sets a standard for what to expect at BHYC in their time to come. It makes sure they have all their information in one spot that looks attractive and makes them want to read it. The Club has received multiple compliments on the style of the packet they received, noting that it was “nothing like any other Club they’ve joined.”

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Even the existing members love getting their hands on this packet, reminding them of some of the things they overlook now.

“The BHYC’s new members are the future of our Club. Our General Manager and staff have done a fantastic job creating a welcome package that conveys their importance while explaining all that the Club has to offer with a modern design--from dining and entertainment, to our sailing, tennis, bridge and junior programs. Our welcome package makes sure our new members quickly feel at home at BHYC. ” FROM MEMBER

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