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Pancakes and Presents


How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

“Pancakes and Presents” emerged as a delightful new addition to our holiday offerings, specifically designed for children aged 6-10. This event quickly became a hit, reaching its capacity with 20 enthusiastic participants. Adorned in festive Christmas pajamas, the children enjoyed a hearty breakfast in Kids Club, accompanied by cheerful Christmas tunes. The festivities continued as they moved to the Art Studio, engaging in a variety of crafts suitable for creating thoughtful presents for family and friends (canvas painting, ornament decorating, and painting picture frames). To complete the experience, we provided gift-wrapping services, and the children penned personalized cards to accompany their handmade gifts for Christmas. “Pancakes and Presents” offered a delightful and engaging environment where parents could entrust their children for a few hours of festive fun.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Given its overwhelming success, “Pancakes and Presents” is set to become a staple of our holiday calendar, with plans to double our intake to 40 children in 2024. The event not only provided a joyful and engaging experience for the kids but also offered parents a well-deserved break, culminating in their excitement upon seeing the creative gifts crafted by their children. The genesis of this event was our desire to introduce a festive yet relaxed Christmas-themed activity, combining an art studio session with a special breakfast for the kids at the club. The positive feedback from both kids and parents has confirmed its value, ensuring its place as a cherished annual tradition.

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