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Par with Patrick, PGA

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The introduction of "Fore Fridays" at our club has had a remarkable impact on enhancing the club's operations and fostering a strong team culture. These Fridays are dedicated to team building, with activities carefully designed to achieve that purpose.

Every other Friday, Patrick Casey, our esteemed CEO/GM and a PGA professional, offers golf instruction to our team members. These lessons not only help the team understand the game better but also provide an opportunity for everyone to bond and learn together in a relaxed environment.

On alternate Fridays, we focus on growing professionally and personally by incorporating aspects of Jon Gordon's work into our positive culture, team-building meetings. These sessions promote growth, communication, and teamwork, essential for our club to thrive and deliver exceptional services to our members.

By creating a thoughtful balance between skill development and personal development, the "Fore Fridays" concept has substantially improved our team's knowledge, unity, and understanding of the game. This positively impacts our club's overall functioning and enhances our ability to create memorable experiences for our members.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Par with Patrick initiative was implemented by scheduling alternating Fridays for golf instruction with Patrick Casey, PGA, CEO/GM.

The club members have been very receptive to this new initiative, noticing and appreciating the evident improvement in our team. They have observed a happier, more cohesive team that's well-versed with golf concepts and has a more positive work attitude. This enhanced team performance and the positive culture cultivated via initiatives like "Par with Patrick" have only enriched the overall club experience for our members.

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