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Polar Express

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

We transformed our club into a whimsical, interactive scene from the beloved story, the Polar Express. This innovative idea dramatically enhanced our club's operation by capturing the festive holiday spirit!

A miniature train ride for children of all ages around the parking lot sparked joy and excitement before they even stepped foot into the clubhouse. Before, they were boarded the Polar Express they got their tickets from the conductor in the ticker booth, setting the tone for the magical adventures inside.

In the clubhouse, our usual setup transitioned into a festive wonderland. We incorporated themed food stations resembling trains accompanied by face painters and balloon artists, bringing forth a magical experience for every child. One of the main highlights undoubtedly was our ENCC team members dancing through the dining room to the hot chocolate song from the Polar Express story, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivated not only our younger members but also their families!

Our event reached its peak with the appearance of the main guest, Santa Claus, who spread Christmas cheer and made this occasion even more memorable by taking photos with excited children.

This conceptually driven event, 'Breakfast with Santa and the Polar Express', brought about a truly memorable experience, which has undoubtedly boosted our club's reputation for providing engaging family friendly events. It served to solidify bonds among our members and delivered a joyous start to the holiday season that will remain etched in the hearts of those fortunate to have embarked on this magical journey aboard our ENCC train.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This Polar Express themed event was implemented by transforming our parking lot into a miniature train ride hub for children. They were joyfully greeted with Polar Express tickets and donuts, setting the theme for the event right at the entrance.

Inside the club, a festive makeover took place with food stations resembling trains, face painters, and balloon artists. Further, our club team engaged in a performance of the hot chocolate song from the story, enhancing the enchantment. The appearance of Santa Claus elevated the festive atmosphere, creating lasting memories with individual photo sessions.

This impactful and interactive event was well-received by our club members. It served not only as a fun-filled holiday experience but also solidified member's bonds and boosted the club's reputation for hosting engaging events. It delivered a magical start to the holiday season for our members and guests, leaving them with an unforgettable memory, and raised their anticipation for future events of similar nature.

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