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Pop-Up Holiday Offering

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Holiday pop-ups and takeovers have been a major theme in recent years. During COVID, our Club made an investment in the form of a fully enclosed and heated tent for the patio at our premiere dining room and lounge. The tent lost its sparkle as members returned to their post-COVID lives, yet provided the perfect opportunity to create a sleek and cozy holiday-themed takeover of the space. Decorations matched our sleek light blue color palate, while we illuminated the space with a canopy of shimmering “star” lights. Wreaths decked out the back of each chair, and mercury glass candles set the mood, while pre-lit Christmas trees put everyone in a celebratory spirit.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Decorations are the most important part of any holiday takeover. Planning and ordering of decorations began in August. The Club created a merchant account with Evergreen, an online platform specializing in holiday and seasonal decorations, which saved over a thousand dollars in cost.

Specialty cocktails were developed and offered in holiday mugs as a “steal the mug” promotion on Friday and Saturdays during December.

Communications and advertising began with our annual holiday events guide and continued with our communications team producing a festive video highlighting the cocktails and the tent all a glow. To help drive demand for seating in the tent, we strongly encouraged members to request seating in the tent on their reservations.

The five-week promotion increased: participation by 526 covers or 35% year-over-year; sales by $43K or 56% year-over-year; and our dining capacity by eight tables or 32 seats during our busiest season of the year.

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