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Pre-Shift Assist

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Pre-shifts are a necessary communication tool in all of our dining outlets for the team. It is typically a time block of about 15 minutes with the whole team before the shift starts, to go over chef specials, training and development, and any other items management would like everyone to focus on. Unfortunately in one of our outlets, the hours of operation and steady foot traffic did not allow for us to allot this time. The “Pre-shift Assist” or “PSA” was designed to be a tool to be used when a Pre-shift cannot be performed, so that we can communicate necessary changes and focuses to our team. Since starting, we have seen improvements on standardizing firing orders back to the kitchen, adhering to uniform standards, menu knowledge, and a more widespread understanding of our club philosophy and general guidelines to follow. We adjust them, typically on a weekly basis, to stay current on our focuses, and any changes to operations.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Every week in our management meeting, we determine what both the chef and front of the house managers would like to focus on. Afterwards, we update the template, print out copies, and place by the time clock for the staff to fill out upon arrival. Since incorporating Chef’s ideas into this, we have seen our team making more chef suggestions, informing members about our features, and having the knowledge to answer questions about those menu items. Because of this, we have seen an increase in sales of our Chef Specials and members look forward to new menu items and features. Since opening, we have always received positive feedback from membership on our platinum customer service; by implementing our PSAs, it has helped all of us hold each other accountable so that we never lose that A+ satisfaction from members.

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