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Proprietary Gin & Proprietary Beer

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Fiddler’s Elbow has sought to distinguish itself in every category, including behind the bar. We have created both a proprietary beer, Fiddler’s Elbrew, and a proprietary gin, Fiddler’s “Ghin.”

Fiddler’s Ghin is truly a story of life coming full circle. Our Ghin was created by Raymond Disch, founder of local NJ Disch & Sons Distillers. When in his early twenties, Mr. Disch was given his first job in the U.S. Department of Labor by Secretary of Labor (and Fiddler’s Co-Founder) Ray Donovan. Mr. Disch never forgot this leap of faith. Now, Mr. Disch found a way to thank Mr. Donovan by creating this delicious and special spirit for the club.

Not only do both the Elbrew and Ghin taste great, but they are unique and excellent talking points when distinguishing the club. Both are impressive, and members are always excited to highlight them when hosting guests and during events.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The proprietary Gin and Beer idea has been very well received by the membership. Implementing was fairly easy; We found a local distillery and brewery that we wanted to support, committed to product volume and really increased the WOW factor for our Members and Guests at the club. Members love showing their guests the Gin bottle or ordering a Pint of Fiddler's Elbrew at the bar.

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