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Rather Be at BHYC Campaign

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

After nearly two years without being able to utilize the Club to its fullest potential, our staff and members all felt a similar way… that we’d “Rather Be at BHYC.” This concept lead to a fun summer theme, where we were able to insert different activities to the slogan like “I’d rather be sailing at BHYC” or “I’d rather be dining at BHYC” or “I’d rather be playing tennis at BHYC.” Having a fun, interchangeable catchphrase for the summer made it inclusive for all areas of the Club to enjoy using.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The summer publication was tailored around the theme, with the center spread calendar of events representing the idea. Many committee members included this concept in their seasonal promotions. Before the season, each member was mailed a die-cut sticker page with the “Rather Be” logo on it and a variety of custom BHYC stickers like a milkshake with the burgee on it, tennis racquets, Adirondack chairs (signature on our Orlop deck), BHYC life rings, wine glasses, Optimist boat, etc. There was something for everyone. Kids and adults alike enjoyed receiving and using these stickers through the summer. Merchandise with the logo was also available in the Ship’s Store, helping provide more sale options for the store and memorializing the summer.

The concept was used on social media as well, making appearances in event promotions and as captions for photos of activities happening around the Club. Bringing a summer theme like this to the membership gave them something to look forward to and provided them with a unique connection to the Club...a saying that only Club members would understand. Seeing the concept around the Club all summer also acted as a reminder of the numerous activities and events that were planned.

Using summer themes can help get everyone excited for the season and give them a concept to look back on and remember each year.

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Holly Bilotti

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