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Rigging & Racquets

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Bay Head Yacht Club’s physical clubhouse sits on the head of the Barnegat Bay. On the front side of the Club, you can find an expansive marina with a variety of fleets. On the back side of the Club, you can find 10 Har-Tru tennis courts along with pickleball courts and paddle courts. It’s common at BHYC for members to reference which “side of the Club” they can usually be found on. This summer, the Racquets Committee and the Sailing Committee decided to join forces and bring the membership together through play! The event titled “Rigging and Racquets” started on the court side of the Club, where all members were invited to participate in a pickleball round-robin led by a pickleball pro. Then, they made their way over to the bay side of the Club where they were invited to go out sailing on boats skippered by member volunteers and compete in a short, friendly regatta.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Rigging and Racquets gave members an opportunity to meet other members that they might not have met during their regular programming at the Club. It also allows them to try something new without having a racquet or a sailing membership. Members were enthusiastic to participate in new activities with friends and not-so-familiar faces. The program was such a success that a second date was added to the calendar. Additional dates for this upcoming summer have already been scheduled.

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