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Slip & Slide Staff Kickball

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

What started as a substitute staff event during covid (traditional staff parties/team building were hard to do without risking a spread of the virus) has turned in to a centerpiece of our culture at FCO. Most Clubs do a good job of building a culture within their full-time year-round staff, but we were looking for a way to engage all of our seasonal summer staff in a similar way. We have our digital media team involved so they share through our social media channels and then use the content captured to put together a recap video similar to how we market our member events. We also use the content for our annual staff recruitment/retention videos that try and showcase the culture we have within our team.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This idea came from a Instagram reel video and, after a quick check of our work comp and liability insurances (a few pulled muscles is the extent of injuries so far), the idea really took off. Initially we did this in the middle of July due to weather and the timing of when we created the event, but now the goal is to find a relatively warm Monday before a golf outing and before Memorial Day so we can use it as a way to build team camaraderie ahead of the busy summer season. From a management perspective, you really see the different personalities come out (competitive, shy, outgoing, etc.) so you get a head start on who your leaders might be over the summer. It’s a fantastic way for returning employees to mesh with new hires, not to mention a good way for management employees to interact across all departments and get to know employees on a more personal level. The reaction from the membership has been amazing. It’s definitely a talking point, especially about the athleticism it would take to play without getting injured. While I’m not sure the athleticism is equally distributed, the biggest initial concern was safety of all staff, both younger and more seasoned. While there have been some strains and stiff/sore muscles the day after, the biggest issue has been sunburns and tan lines. This event matches the culture we have within our teams of fast, fun, and friendly; it’s become an annual staple that is circled on the calendar every year!

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