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How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Bay Head Yacht Club was thrilled to be celebrating 135 years in 2023. A small committee of staff members came up with the idea to place 135 red, white, and blue foam stars throughout the Club and property for members (adults and children) to find. Members who found the stars were given prizes from the Office, like gift certificates to the snack bar, free milkshakes, discounts at the Ship’s Store, create your own cocktail to be featured at a special event, complimentary admissions, early booking for tennis court reservations, and the ability to reserve a table further than two weeks in advance…to name a few! Most prizes allowed them to engage with events and Club programs, like building a dish or creating a cocktail, which encouraged event attendance, as they wanted their friends and family to try their creations!

Adhered to the stars was a QR code, leading them to a flyer that described what the star that they found was for. The stars were hidden in high-trafficked areas, so when they were found, it generated excitement from those around them as well. Photos of the members were taken when they turned in their stars for prizes and the Communications team featured a handful of them on social media to spread the word.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Some of the most exciting prizes of the year were the Connolly Family who created the “Barnegarita” for a Friday Night Lites event in the Barnegat Bar. Dr. Nini created the Nini Cuban Panini, which was available at the Snack Bar for a week. Kids at Pasta Night and Bingo Night were more excited about finding a new star than they were about eating their ice cream and playing bingo or winning bingo prizes. Another won the chance to perform Evening Colors with staff on the Main Dock. The whole family basked in his excitement and came to the dock to watch and take pictures.

The 135 stars was a small initiative that brought members together and gave them opportunities to be creative at the Club.

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