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Student Externship

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Palm Beach Club Externship is an educational, week long program designed for students interested in entering the club industry after graduation. Primarily consisting of CMAA student members, a group of 15-20 students from several universities apply to attend this program. The students get a chance to tour eight different Platinum clubs, and learn about the different core competencies at each club. Throughout the week, they not only have the opportunity to network with each other, but also with club managers at each property. This program is mutually beneficial to both clubs and students, as it gives students the chance to expand their network and knowledge of private clubs, while the clubs get a chance to meet and recruit students from CMAA chapters from around the country. This will continue to enhance the quality of staff and ultimately managers at these clubs, as we help prepare students for their future as leaders in the industry.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This started back in 2016, when a few UMass CMAA students chose to organize club tours through Matt Lambert CCM (GM/COO of CC at Mirasol). A second group of students came down shortly after for more tours, which led to the idea of a more organized, multi-university program. Instead of just touring clubs like Mirasol, Ibis, Loxahatchee, The Polo Club of Boca, Lost Tree Club and more, students began to get so much more. Interactive activities at each club such as golf lessons and learning how to differentiate yourself among your peers led by Suzy Whaley, President of PGA of America and John Easterbrook Jr., CMO of PGA of America. A wine dinner, a resume workshop with Lisa Carroll and Kurt Kuebler, a Young Manager Panel hosted by Jenny Dell of CBS Sports, are just some highlights of the January 2019 student externship. While our members don't necessarily see the difference this makes right away, they will feel it when fresh, young, competent managers step into their clubs for the first time, with the knowledge and attitude it takes to succeed at these Platinum clubs.

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