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Tara Iti Whānau (Family) Charitable Trust

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The idea behind the 3000 km cycle ride of Tour Aotearoa by Tara Iti’s General Manager Matt Guzik was to gain further awareness and support for the Club’s newly established Tara Iti Whānau Charitable Trust.

The Tara Iti Whānau (Family) Charitable Trust supports Tara Iti’s caddies, employees and families and assists people in the wider community, including clubs and not-for-profit organizations. The main purpose of the Trust is to initiate and administer financial support for the betterment of our people and to overcome financial hardship.

Matt’s Tour Aotearoa ride gained a huge amount of interest and following from the Tara Iti team, members and local community through the Charitable Trust website, Give-a-little page, social media platforms and local newspaper publications. It has enhanced our club’s operations by raising NZD $165,000 for the Trust which will be passed on to assist and encourage our people and local community.

It also proved that our members and community offer an incredible amount of support for our team and local people which they are an important part of. It has assisted our club in retaining employees and caddie core. It continues to improve morale, positivity and goodwill within our club and community environment.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The 3000 km bike ride through New Zealand was completed in 25 days by Tara Iti’s General Manager, Matt Guzik.

Considerable contributions from our membership and community showed us that this idea was a way in which they could make a difference to the lives of many and to keep a strong connection not only with our club but also our wider community, particularly throughout these uncertain COVID times.

By using the Give-a-little page website and Map my progress platform, people could follow Matt on the exciting adventure. Updates were posted on social media platforms and daily blog entries gathered interest from many of the staff, caddies, members and the wider community.

An employee of Tara Iti said; “Matt is a beacon of hope and inspiration to

all of us, He is not only cycling 3000km and raising money for our Trust but he’s sharing a personal journey of vulnerability with us. He’s reflecting on his own strengths and challenges

as a father, husband, friend, and community member. He’s very thoughtful, genuine and has been very engaged in our community ever since he moved here.”

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Matt Guzik

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