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Technical Apprenticeship Rotation

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Greensboro Country Club has a vested interest in the careers of all of its employees. We hire talented staff that we believe in and who we believe have bright futures. It is our responsibility to invest in the next generation of leaders and we truly believe that coming to work shouldn’t just be about the paycheck. In order to elevate our culinary staff, Executive Chef Shayne Taylor formulated the Technical Apprenticeship Rotation.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The Technical Apprenticeship Rotation program serves as an introduction to all stations in a professional kitchen, and prepares the culinarian to step into leadership and sous chef roles wile teaching progression and responsibility at every level.

This 30-month program includes 10 three-month rotations in our various venues including fine dining, fast casual, banquets and more. An additional “Bakeshop Elective” is available. If approved by the leadership team, the culinarian will spend an additional six months in a Bakeshop rotation. At the end of each rotation, the culinarian is required to pass a set of required skill competencies as well as a brief written test in order to move on to the next station. In order to graduate the Technical Apprenticeship Rotation program, apprentices must successfully pass all 10 core stations.

As with anything, the culinarian gets out what they put into the program. Rewards include dining opportunities, options to work with and learn from guest chefs, ACF certification reimbursements, pay increases, knives and tools, chef swag and uniform enhancements! Most importantly, after completion of the program, the culinarian will have mastered all ACF practical exam competencies for certifications including Certified Culinarian, Certified Sous Chef, Certified Chef de Cuisine and Certified Executive Chef. That means they will be prepared to certify with the ACF!

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