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The Bubbles Movie

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Every year, BHYC puts on a member driven variety show called Bubbles. The proceeds from the show typically go to The BHYC Foundation to be distributed to local residents in need. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the conventional show could not go on this year. In order to continue the tradition and give the members something to look forward to, the decision was made to transform the show into a movie. The donations from the membership this year were extremely generous, so BHYC offered the Bubbles Movie complimentary to the members. The Bubbles Movie allowed for a 100 year tradition to continue!

How was this idea implemented and what have been the club members' reactions?

Due to the seasonality of the Club and changing restrictions, production time was limited. In one month, BHYC and member volunteers wrote, choreographed, casted, filmed and produced a 40 minute film. Casting and rehearsals began mid-July with children ages 4-16 rehearsing and filming at the Club (outdoor and socially distanced). Adults rehearsed outside of the Club and only arrived on set for the final filming of their scene. After filming was completed, the footage was sent across the country to the volunteer show producer and Club member, Christen Carter Beardmore, to begin turning the videos into a film. Over the following week, Christen balanced audio levels, edited clips together and finalized a project that should have taken closer to a year than a month.

BHYC had two separate screenings of The Bubbles Movie premiere! On a beautiful August weekend, the film was screened outdoors on a 70’ inflatable screen complete with concession stand and socially distanced seating pods. For those at home, it was live streamed over the internet through the Club’s website.

A total of 250 members joined in person with countless others streaming from around the country to enjoy a film that carried on our tradition. The outpouring of support for Producer Christen Carter Beardmore for taking on such a challenge and pulling it off was overwhelming. In a time that was so uncertain and lacking a lot to be happy about, this film truly brought together the entire BHYC community to celebrate and cherish the traditions, people and place that they care so deeply about.

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