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The Cottage & Court Yard

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

For the past five years, the Bay Head Yacht Club Long-Range Planning Committee, the Board of Trustees, and BHYC Management have been thoroughly developing the latest campus on Club property: The Cottage & Court Yard.

The Cottage & Court Yard is located on the northeast side of the campus and houses a raised, state-of-the-art facility featuring a lounge, dining tables, and a self-service kitchen, bathrooms, and storage. Wrapped along the south exterior side of the building are two stories of viewing decks, both containing dining/viewing tables and one containing an 8-person gas firepit. Both decks allow for optimal sight directly over two brand-new pickleball courts and alongside six heated and lighted paddle courts. Additionally, The Cottage and Court Yard was designed with two regulation-sized bocce courts. This $4.6M renovation took 11 months from the day they broke ground to completion.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

In the past decade, court usage has significantly increased at Bay Head Yacht Club. All ten tennis courts are consistently full, the paddle program is thriving, and the desire for pickleball has been at an all-time high. As our programs continued to grow, the racquets committee recognized the need for improvements in our coinciding facilities. They wanted to design a larger space to accommodate the growing number of racquet-playing members. Then, a small renovation idea turned into a major piece of the Club’s history.

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