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The Great 8

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Our club created a weekly meeting of management level employees entitled “The Great 8.” These meetings focus on coordinating activities that impact both campuses (events, projects, etc.), facilitating general planning and interaction between departments, and identifying member engagement and satisfaction opportunities.

“The Great 8” strives to elevate our Club through the following guiding principles:
1. Create
2. Elevate
3. Educate
4. Innovate
5. Stimulate
6. Coordinate
7. Collaborate
8. Communicate

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

“The Great 8” allows for operational cooperation by encouraging departments to work together across the Club. The weekly meeting provides valuable team building opportunities with representatives from all areas of the Club. For example, “Pop & Pickle Pumpkin Palooza” was a partnership between the Racquet Sports and Youth departments to provide babysitting during the tournament, allowing the adult participants to focus on their match without worrying about childcare.

As was the environment in 2020, these meetings originally began on Zoom. The group now meets in person, with Zoom capabilities for those who can’t attend. Following the meeting, minutes are shared with Club staff members through their department managers. These minutes provide insight into operational planning and exposure to departments they might not normally interact with.

Great 8 members are encouraged to bring ideas inspired by the guiding principles in the spirit of our Club motto, “an evolution to excellence through continued improvement,” to enhance every of the Club.

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