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The Hefty Energy Program

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

At the club we use a lot of plastic and in the past have not had a recycling program. We were approached from a recycle company in the area about the participating in the Hefty Energy Bag Program. As the first club in the country to participate, we take pride in the steps we’ve taken to go green. Typically, when you recycle, things like plastic cups, straws, and candy wrappers are sorted out and not recycled. Recycling companies are looking for certain types of plastic, but primarily cardboard and paper. Thus, we have the hefty energy program. Items that usually end in the landfill are put in separate orange trash bags and are then sent to Kansas City, Missouri where they are reconverted into energy to produce concrete and other items.

In addition to recycling paper and cardboard, this offered our membership an awesome opportunity to recycle almost 100% of the products at the pool and club.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

We implemented this idea by partnering with out receptacle and recycle company. We purchased hundreds of orange trash bags and designated certain bins based on the types of materials we were looking to recycle. These bins were custom made so we printed the exact items that could be recycled on the bins. Bins were place around the club, but we primarily saw our greatest participation at the pool. Our members were ecstatic to learn that our club was making huge strides to go green. Additionally, we are the first Club in the world to participate in the Hefty Energy Bag Program.

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