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The Online Onboarding Experience

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

In 2021 Army Navy Country Club introduced online onboarding to our new hires. This electronic onboarding experience has made it more efficient for our current team members, easier for our new team members and safer for everyone involved. New hires can complete their onboarding paperwork via their phone, desktop or tablet. It allows them to complete the documents at their own pace.

The hiring manager conducts an interview and makes a decision on the candidate. An offer letter is electronically sent with a background Consent request to the candidate by Human Resources. Once the background check is complete the HR team will assign an electronic onboarding experience to the new hire. These are templates based on each department. At their first shift, the new hire brings IDs to complete the employment eligibility verification

Due to the pandemic and limitations on gathering numbers we moved our new hire orientation to a virtual experience and have continued to do so. This allows both part time and fulltime team members to make arrangements to attend because it' s a smaller commitment than when they need to arrive on site for the orientation.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This wasn’t a quick change – we first had to make sure our HRIS supported the idea. Then we started creating templates, emails and adding our documents to the system. Once everything was in place we slowly introduced different portions of the experience to our team members. While the members are directly involved, it does make the onboarding experience smoother and more efficient, in turn getting new team members working sooner so our members can continue to be served a platinum experience.

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