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The Power of A Positive Team

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Power of A Positive Team has led to significant enhancements in our club's operations and overall environment, primarily by creating a positive and unified team culture. Understanding that happier employees lead to happier members, we focused on the following key aspects:

Shared vision and purpose: Developing a cohesive team built around a shared vision, which promotes a greater sense of belonging and purpose.

Embracing positivity: Leveraging the power of positivity in daily teamwork to foster a more optimistic and solution-driven environment.

Encouraging alignment and engagement: Ensuring that the team remains engaged and aligned with the club's vision and objectives.

Eliminating negativity: Proactively identifying and addressing sources of negativity, leaving no room for energy vampires.  Energy Vampires are not allowed on our Team.

Improving communication and clarity: Implementing practical rules, such as the 'No Complaining Rule,' to enhance clear communication within the team.

Enhancing team grit: Developing resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges and problem-solving scenarios.

Building trust and unity: Reinforcing a sense of unity within the team, emphasizing mutual trust and collaboration to promote a supportive atmosphere.

Fostering inclusivity and caring: Ensuring all team members feel valued, heard, and included in the organization and its development.

Supporting continuous improvement: Focusing on growth and embracing changes that contribute to the club's betterment.

Establishing a legacy of greatness: Encouraging the entire team to leave a lasting, positive impact on the club, paving the way for future generations of leaders.

By focusing on these values, our club has successfully nurtured a thriving and positive team culture, resulting in an enhanced member experience and more efficient organizational operations.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The transformative idea was implemented through a structured and intentional approach focusing on positivity and culture. Members of our club now enjoy the benefits of a more engaged team, demonstrating just how effective the changes have been.

Our team activation occurred through several steps:

  1. Developing a Culture Guide: To ensure a consistent and inclusive environment, we collaborated with Kuma Roberts, an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our Culture Guide responds to the following key areas:

Defined belonging for employees.

Clarified our Mission, Vision and Core Value.

Provided guidelines for reporting any uncomfortable or unlawful issues.

  1. Incorporating principles from Jon Gordon's The Power of a Positive Team: We implemented a comprehensive approach for integrating principles of positivity in our club culture. This included:

Bi-monthly meetings: These meetings were spaces for team engagement and collective discussion on the principles outlined in Jon Gordon's book.

Shared Learning: We provided each team member with a copy of Gordon's book (both in English and Spanish) for a shared understanding of the principles. Collective chapter discussions during meetings encouraged widespread insight sharing.

Rotational Leadership and Language Inclusivity: Each meeting was led by different team members each time, fostering diverse perspectives. Meetings are co-led in both English and Spanish.

To ensure these meetings remained effective, we stipulated a few ground rules focusing on punctuality, inclusivity, respect, and positivity.

  1. The 'No Complaining Rule': A major policy shift was the introduction of the No Complaining Rule. This approach helps team members avoid mindless complaining and instead focus on constructive feedback and solution-oriented mindsets.

The club members' reactions to these changes have been overwhelmingly positive. They've noticed the improved teamwork and thus resulting in an elevated club experience. Our team members are happier, more purposeful, and dedicated, driving overall growth of the club. Creating such an environment has been a continuous effort and we work on a positive culture every, single day.  No days off! #proudtobeencc #PHIRE #legendary

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