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The Show


How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Show is about breaking down the barriers of the club experience. We want each and every day to be unique and fun when you come to the club in the summer. This idea was focused on creating a unique pool experience called "The Show", which consists of hundreds of different promotions throughout the week and creating a magical experience for our members. When members arrive at the pool for the day, they are picked up in our Pedi Cab and biked to their chair. We call this the Kraxi Kab, named after our Kraken mascot. ‘The Show’ also includes appearances from our popsicle princess, foam parties, and t-shirt canon shooting shirts from the roof. Our staff even does tunnel walks during “The Show”, introducing them for their shifts. We constantly develop new promotions through our RAD concept – an acronym for radical amped and dangerous. These promotions are geared to keeping our members fans of the club and always entertained when they are on our property.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This has put a new spin on what a club can and should be. We believe the club is a place of entertainment and our staff are the entertainers. Our members have loved the concept of “The Show”. Members are constantly asking when we are doing promotions, at what time, and what the entertainment schedule consists of. This way when we say “The Show” is happening on specific days – members can plan to be entertained. It’s like buying a ticket to the circus. You’ll never know what you will get!

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Andy Reetz

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