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Transforming Spaces into Creative Hubs

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Wycliffe Golf and Country Club has significantly enhanced its operations and member experience through the establishment of 'The Guild,' a unique makerspace dedicated to producing high-quality, custom-made items ranging from furniture and beverage stations to community signage and golf cart path bridges. This innovative space, transformed from an underutilized golf cart barn, stands out as a creative and idea-driven manufacturing facility, unlike any typical country club shop.

Equipped with extensive woodworking and metalworking tools, The Guild not only offers the delightful ambiance of a traditional workshop but also emphasizes safety and environmental health with advanced air quality monitoring and dust collection systems. The ability to design and create inhouse has fostered a culture of creativity and self-reliance within the Wycliffe community, significantly reducing costs on projects like the in-house designed and built bridge, which saved approximately $70,000. This initiative has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the club but also instilled a sense of pride and uniqueness in the community. The bespoke items produced in The Guild, bearing the club's logo and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offer a distinctive touch that elevates both the employee and member experience, setting Wycliffe apart as a club that truly values every aspect of its operation and community environment.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The implementation of The Guild at Wycliffe Golf and Country Club began with the vision to utilize the talents of staff like Marc Jacobson and transform an underused space into a productive and innovative workshop. The club invested in high-quality woodworking and metal fabrication equipment, ensuring the space was well-equipped to handle a variety of creative projects. The first major undertaking, the construction of a bridge complete with in-house designed handrails, demonstrated the immense potential and cost-saving benefits of this initiative. This project alone, by self-performing the work, covered the investment made in the workshop equipment. Club members have reacted positively to this unique feature. The custom-made items, each bearing a distinct Wycliffe character, have been well-received as they add a personalized and upscale feel to the club's environment. Projects like the creation of wine boxes as takeaway gifts for members or the crafting of unique community signage have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the club but also deepened the members' sense of belonging and pride in their community. The Guild has become a symbol of Wycliffe's commitment to innovation, quality, and a personalized member experience, distinguishing it as a forward-thinking and member-focused club.

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