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Virtual Internship

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Our virtual club internship was implemented for students who were unable to complete in person internships due to covid. Our internship consisted of weekly "classes" that were put on by department heads, vendors and restaurant managers. Classes ranged from professional development to budgeting. Certain classes had assignments attached in which students were responsible for creating write ups along with visuals to present to the "class". For our wine class students were tasked with a research project on a wine region of their choice. Once the summer came to an end and things became a little better we were able to bring on two of the students that joined us virtually. By the students having a base knowledge of Mirasol and food and beverage due to the class, they meshed with our team smoothly.

Weekly "classes" were created in order to hit topics that we felt were necessary for students to know. Zoom sessions were conducted each week. During these zoom session we would often venture out of the classroom style. Some department heads would take the students on virtual tours of their areas. Once a few students joined us in person members were happy to see that we were able to help these young students in the beginning of their club management careers.

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Zachary Recckio

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