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Walk with Nature


How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

In the years that Flint Hills National Golf Club has been operating, many questions have been asked by members and guests about the plants and wildlife found on the grounds. As a response, we decided to put this information in writing, and “Walk with Nature at Flint Hills National Golf Club: A Field Guide of Animals and Plants” was born! This publication, though relatively straightforward and simple in its approach, enhances our Club operations in many ways. It is a useful tool in our onboarding of new team members – it is both a gift they can keep and a way for them to learn more about the Club in a tangible, accessible way. Similarly, it is a great “welcome gift” for new residents moving onto Flint Hills National property. The cool thing about the Field Guide is that it is universal in appeal and gives everyone, across all classes of membership, another way to enjoy and utilize the Club. We regularly have members stop by our Pro Shop, pick up a copy of the Field Guide and a set of binoculars, and set out on a self-guided tour of our property. It is a wonderful educational tool in this regard – many members of our Club are not aware of the thoughtful work and very conscious decisions that went into the design and layout of our golf course and our Club more generally. Our hope is that the Field Guide continues to help our members and their guests better enjoy and appreciate the plant and animal life of our superb golf course. It is a place to get away from the rigors of city life and let the sights and sounds of nature ease your mind as you play your best round of golf (or just relax!) at Flint Hills National Golf Club!

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The Field Guide was published with assistance from local print shops X-Press Print (first printing) and Sun Graphics (second printing) and immediately implemented Club-wide. That’s right – we’ve already been through two rounds of printing! Our membership has responded very well to this project and seems to really value its uniqueness and creativity. We have copies of our Field Guide for sale in our Pro Shop and have a display case in our main Clubhouse hallway with a small “exhibit” dedicated to the making of the Guide. There is also a copy of the Field Guide there for members or guests who may want a quick browse. Our members take pride in the knowledge that the Field Guide provides, and, for both our members and staff, it is exciting and rewarding to know that wildlife continues to grow and flourish on our grounds through our continued efforts.

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Christina Gusella

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