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Weekly Education Series

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Each week before our busiest night of dinner service, the kitchen, house, and serving staff come together to learn about all different parts of the club industry. The club invites vendors and members with relevant skills to give a talk, presentation, and/or demonstration for the staff.

Classes have included beer and wine lectures and tastings from our distributors, meat grade comparison and guessing game, history of our golf course and the game from our head pro, a yoga instructor and physical therapist for the busy season when staff needs some TLC, a 401k and investment lecture from a retired member in the finance industry, a nutritionist and former employee to teach the staff how to create a balanced diet, and the fan favorite floral demonstration where each employee had the opportunity to create their own centerpieces to be displayed on dinner tables that evening.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Management discusses possible topics and reaches out to relevant vendors to come in and give a presentation. Our employees have shown great interest in the weekly education program by showing up early for shifts to participate. It provides a balance of fun and education that they look forward to before a busy evening. The staff gets the opportunity to taste and learn about the food and beverages we serve to the membership, enhance the services the club provides, and have a better understanding of the industry and club itself. Employees leave each course refreshed and full of knowledge. They can now better relay information, recommendations, and services to the membership. The employee that attends the most classes in a season is presented with a gift certificate for their outstanding service and effort.

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