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Weekly Publications

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

We have several different communications that go out to our Club membership daily. To not overwhelm our members and make sure that we are effectively communicating information and upcoming events, we developed our Weekly. We currently publish and send out 5 versions (Clubhouse, Paddle, Pickleball, Women’s Golf, Tennis) and are working on adding to that list. The Weekly gives us the ability to send a great deal of information in one e-mail, while directing them to members who want to receive that information.

Our Weekly focuses on specific activities and areas of the Club. We have the Clubhouse Weekly that includes social events, dining events, food and beverage specials, changes to clubhouse hours, and announcements. Our WGA Weekly is specifically for our female golfers. In this communication we can give announcements, promote descriptions for the events for the current and upcoming weeks, and post results from the previous week’s events.

Using this format eliminates multiple e-mails to relay the information and introduces a format that does not change, so everyone knows the expectations and what information to send to our marketing and communication personnel. We sometimes have an issue with deadlines and getting information together by the same time each week, allows us to more consistently deliver information to our membership. We can also develop our communication lists around each Weekly so if we have a member not interested in a racquet sport, they will not receive that Weekly.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Implementing this idea took substantial work up front, but it saves us hours of time in the end. We developed similar formats for each Weekly, with some minor changes to titles, colors and specific category names. We already had communication lists, but through each Weekly we were able to expand those lists. Each week we just change the information and upload it into a pre-fabricated e-mail that is attached to a communication list.

Our members have reacted very positively to our Weekly publication. They like that information is flowing consistently and they know when and what to expect. It has allowed us to market events and specials in one publication, resulting in a condensed and ‘to the point’ method that saves everyone time and saving time is important for everyone!

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