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Wellness Reset

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Our Employee Wellness Committee hosted a Wellness Reset event for PCC Staff to attend on a Friday afternoon in the winter. It included complimentary 15 minute chair massages, stretching, tai chi demonstrations and an aromatherapy make & take station. The massages focused on releasing muscle tension. The stretching and relaxation was important to learn new techniques to use anytime anywhere. The Tai Chi demonstrations focused on improving balance and strength through a mind and body connection. The aromatherapy instruction educated the staff on the benefits of essential oils to their well being. This allowed employees from many different departments take a brief break from operations to enjoy an interactive program promoting wellness, positivity and improving their overall health.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Although the Wellness Committee does have a budget to work within for events, they took advantage of a Wellness Credit Program that is offered through our Club's health insurance company. They were able to redeem credits that are offered annually and have the company come in to the Club to provide this 2 hour experience at no cost to the Club. The managers were also very supportive of staff members stepping away from the operation for a short time to enjoy this event. The Committee was cognizant to choose a date/time/season that is not as busy to allow staff the opportunity to attend. They also felt this was an appropriate time to hold the event coming out of a very busy holiday season, our staff was very deserving of a "wellness reset." The employees thoroughly enjoyed this event, as all of the massage time slots were filled. They also enjoyed learning more about essential oils and tai chi. We hope this event is planned at least annually and continues to grow.

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