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Willowbend Gives

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Launching in the Summer of 2022, ‘Willowbend Gives’ is a member driven philanthropic effort aimed to maximize the impact the club’s charitable efforts have in the local area in conjunction with the Cape Cod Foundation. ‘Willowbend Gives’ is an “opt in” fund. We want our members to feel proud of their support, not being pushed hard to give. If members do not choose to opt in they may also participate by purchasing our supporting items. Our first item being a Willowbend Gives retail item that is available in the fitness center and Pro shop in which proceeds will contribute to Willowbend Gives. The second option being our Willowbend Gives specialty cocktail. This is on the menu throughout the summer, available Memorial Day to Labor Day. For each purchase of this specialty drink, a portion will be donated to the Willowbend Gives fund. In addition to opting in and supporting items we host various events throughout the year such as member vs golf pro tournament, dunk tank at 4th of July, Pie Throwing at Fall Fest, and various other events to engage members in giving back to the community.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Upon launching the fund, the Willowbend team will seek donations and invite members to the themed sessions presented to by the Cape Cod Foundation. At each themed session, the Cape Cod Foundation will present the core missions of local organizations. The tone of these sessions are to educate and enrich our members. At the end of each session, members who have donated $1000 or more will get to vote one organization to attend the finalist’s presentation session at the end of summer party where they will be presented with a check. Membership have been quick to embrace, support and nourish the local communities on our beloved Cape Cod as we grow the program each year and increase engagement.

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