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Wine Pop-up Shop

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Since the first wine pop-up shop members have been wanting more! Members look forward to see when a wine shop is going to pop-up at a club event. Since these are pop-up style members are surprised as to when its coming, it also helps us draw members to attuned events and or dinners. This has been both a great sales and marketing opportunity. We are able to clear out extra wine inventory by hosting pop-ups. After monthly beverage inventory is complete we are able to see what wines we have in stock. Extra wines that are collected from banquets, specials orders, wine dinners and more are all priced, binned and tagged. We compare all of our prices to major wine retailers, while still giving the members the best possible price. This has significantly increased our off-premise bottle sales. On average we sell $20,000 a month.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The wine pop-up shop was implemented in the later part of the pandemic when members were starting to feel safe to use the club again. Trying to think of ways to keep members using the club for things they may have been going off property for. We would select events, typically 150 or more members and in our lounge, space set up a wine shop. Members could browse before entering the event and take wine home with them that day. For members out of town, a list would be sent via email so all members could have the chance to participate. Members would line up in the lobby waiting for us to open the shop! Some would buy one bottle, and some would buy twenty bottles. Members love that there are so many offerings and they are able to buy wines they may not have before. Members look forward to these sales, always asking when they are going to happen. Since they are pop-up style we put them on a we sit fit, typically once a month.

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Zachary Recckio

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