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Winter Wonderland

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

This new holiday event exceeded all expectations by our membership. We have set a new standard for our holiday parties to be extraordinarily elegant yet still fun and exciting for members of all demographics. In previous years, members enjoyed a more casual holiday party called “Tis’ the season”. This new event ushered in traditions of elegance while being even more fun with some fresh ideas such as a specialty martini bar and “Liquor Luge” ice sculpture in the mens locker room to carolers and “snow” falling in the front entrance to welcome members to the party.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

This idea was formed by our clubhouse management team and curated by a committee of our members over many many months with our guidance. Reactions were universally ecstatic from our membership. The culmination of all of the new ideas and a more elegant, upscale atmosphere really pleased and even surprised everyone. Our food options were a huge hit, as well, with fresh made to order sushi, a raw bar including local oysters and stone crab, and huge chef attended upscale pasta buffet in the restaurant, a massive beef carving station in the ballroom and house made petit fours in our “member’s lounge” just to name a few. We had bars and stations everywhere in the clubhouse so no matter where you were, you had something fun and exciting to eat or drink, which they also thoroughly enjoyed. The party was scheduled to end at midnight, but our members danced and asked for even more time, they were having so much fun! This one will be hard to top next year but we have set the bar high for our member holiday parties now!

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