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Women on the Water

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

This women-based sailing day was first initiated by a member who gathered a group of friends on Wednesday mornings to sail for fun. The Club quickly saw this group as an opportunity and invited them to extend their morning into a Club program. From there, the day was promoted and women in all groups of the Club were able to register online and sail together. Members, men and women, offered their volunteer assistance to further teach some of the women more about sailing. The Pro Sailing staff and Dockmaster took their duties to the next level by participating as well.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Women on the water, such a simple idea, was a huge success for BHYC. More women than ever before were out sailing, participating in regattas and taking out our complimentary boats. It helped the general sailing program grow several members and allowed for friendships to be made. New members boarded vessels with seasoned sailors and young members alike. At the end of the season, the women gathered for a cocktail party to honor their successes with the program. This unique program was 100% member driven, making it a truly special morning at BHYC. At the end of the summer, a survey was sent out to the participants who sent back rave reviews. It was requested by almost all members for more days to be included so they did not have to limit their fun to one day. Feedback included everything from “It was great!” to more extensive feedback commending pros and volunteers, the structure and the impact it made on their sailing desires. The program truly took the intimidation out of sailing and our members were more than pleased with the results.

Next year, BHYC will continue this program with more options, and hopefully even more women!

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Holly Bilotti

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