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You ARE! Meaningful. Renewed. Strong. (An employee wellness program.)

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

This program was designed to support, encourage and motivate the employees of the Detroit Athletic Club to make their health a priority in the last 90 days of 2018. The program included fitness, nutrition and overall wellness components. Engagement was strong with 112 employees signing up for the program. This program has enhanced camaraderie by engaging our employees in a Club-wide challenge. Through the use of Facebook, we were able to connect employees who are otherwise unconnected (because they work in different departments and different times of day). Using the private Facebook group also allowed us to share important wellness information and support and encourage them along the way. I believe it enhance the level of camaraderie with employees throughout the Club, as they began to share more and more of their personal journeys in the Facebook group. A focused effort on healthy eating was also put into our employee dining room to help bring awareness to the program and healthy living. Discussion among employees throughout the Club also increased during the eight week challenge.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

To begin the program, each participant took an InBody scan, which read their weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage and water level. Each week a new workout was given to participating employees, in the form of a video posted to a private Facebook group. Throughout the week, various wellness topics were covered. Topics included the importance of sleep, learning what nutrient dense foods were, how to tackle basic meal prep ideas and the difference between rest and active recovery. Small “Fit Friday” challenges were thrown in each week, as well. These were small fitness challenges designed to help participants track their progress and observe their growth. At the conclusion of the program, employees took one final InBody scan to see how all their hard work had paid off. Prizes were awarded to categories such as most muscle mass growth and most body fat percentage lost. Many participants have already asked when the next program will start, as they seek the ongoing accountability structure that has been so incredibly motivating to them.

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