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Youth Committee


How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

We started our Youth Committee in 2022 as a way to involve kids, get ideas for events they’d like to see and give them a chance to experience a committee setting while learning valuable leadership/meeting skills. Starting this group was important to us given how many young families are members at the club.

Our Youth Committee is on a Mission
Field Club of Omaha’s Youth Committee offers a remarkable opportunity for young people to be empowered to make a difference at their Club, to develop leadership skills and to collaborate with like-minded peers and adults.

Our Mission

  • To infuse Field Club of Omaha with youth energy, perspectives, and ideas
  • Youth share ownership of Field Club of Omaha’s programming
  • Youth gain leadership experience and make a difference at their Club

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

We created an application that kids could fill out and turn in that included questions about what they love to do at the club, what they wish they could see at the club and why they wanted to be on this leadership committee. We divided the committee into two groups- 12 & Over and 11 & Under. We ended up with 11 in the older group and 6 in the younger group. Both groups met quarterly and were not shy in providing feedback and sharing ideas. We utilized the committee for event ideas, revamping the kids menu (which included a menu tasting!), and brainstorming communication tactics to reach their demographic. We look forward to growing the participation this year!

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