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January 19, 2022

Membership & Marketing Summit

Boost Your Club’s Membership & Marketing with this Upcoming Virtual Summit

Get your year started with education focused on your most pressing membership and marketing issues. The virtual Membership and Marketing Summit on January 19 will feature three sessions to help you boost your club’s:

  • Member recognition and personalization;
  • Marketing and employee recruitment; and
  • Reputation and brand management.

Built on the success of the two previous Summits, the Summit is designed to have an immediate impact on how professionals design and execute the membership experience.

Creative Golf Marketing

Presented in Partnership with Creative Golf Marketing, a CMAA Education Partner


Attendees will gain insight, best practices, and real-life examples to apply at their own clubs, along with 4 CMI Credits for attendance and completion of all sessions. Registration for this virtual event is open!

Date: January 19, 2022
Credits: 4 CMI Credits
Format: Virtual


All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time

Creative Golf Marketing

Private clubs must take the time and effort to better understand each and every member of their club. All human beings crave being recognized and appreciated. When you are obsessed about your members, they will become obsessed about your club. Although recognition is an “old school” strategy, there are modern and innovative ways to maximize your success in getting to know your members, their friends, and your staff to create an environment of respect, interest, interaction, and loyalty.

Short break

Kent Johnson, CCM, Baltimore Country Club

Private clubs nationwide are experiencing a significant shortage of quality labor. Clubs must be able to find and select the quality of team members we want and need. To accomplish that important goal, the team at Baltimore Country Club got very creative and created public relations strategies that showcased their club to the tight job market. The results of those efforts were off the charts successful and something your club must consider as an integral part of your marketing plan.


Corey Saban, CS Media Works

Some people think it is doesn’t matter what you say about them as long as you spell their name right! Your brand and reputation are everything to a private club. Most clubs are very inconsistent and unprofessional in how they manage their brand and reputation. Emmy nominated professional Corey Saban will share strategies and tactics to craft YOUR story, protect YOUR brand, influence how your members think of YOUR club and prospective members see YOUR club, and detail how you tell your story should you ever encounter a public relations issue.

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