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CMAA works collectively with coalitions, inside and outside the club and golf industry, to affect change on issues of mutual concern. Collectively, much of CMAA’s federal agenda is addressed through active participation in Coalitions that harness the resources and efforts of other associations and groups with the same interests.

  • American Golf Industry Coalition and Allied Efforts – Founded in 2009, the American Golf Industry Coalition (formerly known as We Are Golf) is a partnership among golf's leading organizations to promote and advocate for the collective interests of the sport by advocating for legislative and regulatory issues of importance and facilitating the industry's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (more specifically, the golf industry's DE&I initiative known as Make Golf Your Thing.) The coalition unites the golf industry in pursuit of goals designed to enhance the vitality and diversity of the recreational and business entities of the sport. We serve as a banner under which collaborative issues can be addressed when it’s clear that one collective voice is better than an individual's. The Government Relations personnel and related lobbyist for all of the organizations involved in WAG meet monthly (or more frequently) to collaborate and share intel.

  • H-2B Workforce Coalition – The H-2B Workforce Coalition is a consortium of various industry associations throughout the United States that have joined together to protect American workers by ensuring American small and seasonal employers have access to legal short-term temporary workers during peak business periods.

  •  Waters of the US (WOTUS) Advocacy Coalition – The Waters Advocacy Coalition (WAC)is a broad cross-section of small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and job creators that represent virtually every segment of the American economy. We rely on clean water and are committed to protecting the environment and the communities in which we live and work. Represented members include companies that power small towns and big cities, provide the materials for and construct the nation’s roads and family homes, deliver retail goods and services, and produce food, fuel, and fiber for families in the US and around the world. Members of WAC are seeking a final rule that provides regulatory clarity, promotes clean water, and protects jobs.

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