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Federal Issues

CMAA is heavily invested in workforce and facility related legislative and regulation. We monitor employer requirements/mandated benefits, wage requirements, occupational safety and health, and any/all tax changes that would impact non-profit 501c7 or section 277 taxable clubs. Current and recent priority issues include:

  • H-2B Visas - Many clubs use these short-term, non-agricultural labor visas to help meet the need for extra staff during peak season. Currently, only 66,000 are issued each year. The total is split for each half of the fiscal year. These are shared by all industries – hotels, amusement parks, construction, horse racing, etc. This has been an ongoing battle to raise the annual cap and implement exemptions for returning workers as demand continues to outpace supply. CMAA collaborates with the H-2B Workforce Coalition.

  • Waters of the United States - This regulation defines what water bodies fall under federal oversight and jurisdiction thus requiring property owners to obtain permits for routine operations as well as renovations. Today, there is a complex web of rules and regulations that clubs and other property owners must decipher before taking actions on their property. In conjunction with the Waters Advocacy Coalition, CMAA seeks to ensure clean water and clear rules for property owners.

  • Department of Labor and OSHA Regulations – This agency is the primary source of workforce regulation including changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Recent issues have included the OSHA Vaccine or Test Emergency Temporary Standard and the Heat Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Work Settings Proposed Rule. Further, the DOL is expected to announce a proposed update to the overtime rule in spring 2022.

The Legislative Report blog contains the latest status on these issues.

Read the Legislative Report Blog

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