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Motion Picture Licensing

Movies are an amenity that everyone enjoys. Whether your club is showing movies, TV programs, and other content as part of a children’s club activity, in the club, or as a planned movie night on the golf course, they are an easy and affordable way to entertain.

Copyrighted movies, TV programs, and other content, when purchased, rented, or borrowed, are intended for personal, private use only and require a public performance license in accordance with the US Copyright Act when shown at your club facility. Fines for non-compliance start at $750 for each inadvertent infringement and go as high as $150,000 for each egregious violation.

Established Discount Programs for CMAA Members

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation Umbrella License® - The Umbrella License is one of the most comprehensive copyright compliance solution available for clubs. It includes copyright coverage for more than 1,000 rights holders, ranging from major Hollywood studios to hundreds of independent, documentary, and international producers.

  • Current CMAA members save more than 10 percent on the annual cost of an Umbrella License through a longstanding agreement with MPLC.
  • Annual licensing allows for unlimited indoor and outdoor exhibitions at your club with no reporting requirements.
  • Once licensed, movies can be purchased, rented, or borrowed from any legitimate source.

To obtain a license, complete and return an application. For more information, contact an MPLC Licensing Representative at 800-462-8855 or online at A representative can provide you with the complete list of rights holders represented under the Umbrella License, assist you with pricing, and answer any questions.

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