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Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor is the official representative from the student chapter’s college or university and should be a full-time faculty member. His/Her on-campus duties should include development and lecture of club management and hospitality-related courses. This individual should be someone who works well with students, is easily accessible, is willing to provide advice and guidance to the student chapter officers on programs, activities, and general operations, and one who acts as an interface between the student chapter and the school administration.

Roles and Responsibilities

The main role of the Faculty Advisor is to serve as a liaison between the student chapter officers, the Student Liaison Manager, and the educational institute. While not required, it is strongly encouraged for Faculty Advisors to join CMAA under the Faculty Membership category tier. Annual dues are $100. While it is the role of student chapter officers to facilitate chapter meetings, Faculty Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend. Student chapters are required to submit meeting minutes to National Headquarters within 15 days of the meeting so if you are unable to attend, be sure to request a copy of the minutes from the chapter.

The Student Chapter Faculty Advisor shall:

  • Maintain weekly/bi-weekly contact with Student Liaison Managers and student chapter officers;
  • Attend student and senior chapter meetings and events as well as on-campus CMAA activities;
  • Maintain student chapter guidelines and bylaws and ensure continuity from each academic year to the next;
  • Distribute information forwarded from National Headquarters to student chapter officers and members;
  • Educate colleagues and school administrators about club management as a source of lecture material and course project suggestions;
  • Serve as chaperone and university representative at CMAA’s World Conference (one Faculty Advisor from each chapter is invited with a complimentary registration for all education sessions); and
  • Maintain a strong working relationship with the local senior chapter through Faculty membership and attendance at senior chapter meetings.

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