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Women in Club Management

WinCMAA LogoThis group was formed with the purpose of advancing women in club management through educational and networking opportunities, most of which take place at the CMAA World Conference, such as a Women in Club Management “education path” and round-table sessions. 

CMAA hopes to provide greater support for Women in Club Management by tapping into the strong female GM presence within the industry and CMAA membership base.



Sally Burns Rambo Scholarship

As a mentor and role model, Sally Burns Rambo, CCM, was a pioneer who paved the way for the success of countless club industry leaders. To honor her memory and the legacy that she created, The Club Foundation offers a scholarship that provides financial support to female club managers interested in furthering their professional development.

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Coaching Conversation Series

CMAA’s Women in Club Management Coaching Conversation Series is quarterly event where women (and men!) convene to talk about a relevant topic related to women in the industry. Three of the quarterly events are remote via webinar, and the fourth capitalizes on World Conference with the opportunity to bring people together in-person.

Each session is facilitated by Shelley MacDougall who has been coaching CMAA professionals since 2006. Along with her business partner, Kevin MacDonald, they have coached and worked with thousands of industry professionals in their combined 30 years of coaching.

Past session topics have included:

  • Women Supporting Women
  • Elegant Influence!
  • Hear … and be Heard!
  • Work/Life Balance? What is it and is it possible for me?
  • Wellness for Women in Club Management
  • Women with Grit

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