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Test of Compliance

In the process of determining appropriate responses to ethical issues, CMAA members should consider how the issue(s) would be judged in a peer review process where the ethical standards of the club management profession would be applied. To augment CMAA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as to provide support in dealing with ethical dilemmas, please consider this Test of Compliance.

This assessment poses three questions for reflection when seeking favorable approval as a response during a conflict. It promotes an ethical code of conduct that can be easily conveyed to CMAA peers/club management professionals, industry partners and suppliers, club boards, staff and members:  

  • Could I announce this decision to the membership at my club’s annual meeting? 
  • Could I inform my peers about this decision at a CMAA-related chapter/national event?
  • Would this decision meet with the approval of other business professionals/stakeholders?

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