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Let's Talk Club Management Ep. 104: Private Club Governance Handbook

In August, the National Club Association (NCA) and Club Management Association of America (CMAA) released Private Club Governance: A Handbook of Principles and Best Practices. Written by a joint committee of experts from both associations in a partnership structured to benefit the entire private club community, the new publication is a definitive guide to governance of private clubs, designed to be a framework of best practices for clubs at any place on the spectrum of effective governance. We are excited to welcome Tim Muessle, CCM, CCE, Chief Operating Officer at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, CA. Tim is a long-time CMAA member who currently serves as the Chair of the NCA Governance Committee.

CMAA Members can access the Handbook through the CMAA Connect Best Practices Exchange Library.

In September, NCA and CMAA hosted a three-hour symposium featured the authors of this recently released, definitive guide to the governance of private clubs, chapter by chapter. Access the recording and accompanying resources now!

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