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Senior Vice President, Professional Development

Jason P. Koenigsfeld, Ph.D., CHE

Jason P. Koenigsfeld, Ph.D., CHE, is the Senior Vice President of Professional Development for the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). Jason was previously employed at John’s Island Club where he worked in every department of the club’s operation learning all facets of a major private club.

Jason received his Master of Science degree in 2005 and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2007 from Auburn University. His doctorate dissertation titled, “Developing an Industry Specific Managerial Competency Model for Private Club Managers in the United States Based on Important and Frequently Used Management Competencies” helps establish the basis for club management professional development and certification programs in the United States as well as internationally. Jason is a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) through the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Jason is a Board member of The Club Foundation (CF); the mission of The Club Foundation is to raise funds to financially support the professional development of club managers through education, training and research initiatives.

In addition to his CMAA responsibilities of Conference Education, Certification, Research, and BMI Programs Jason is charge with coordinating CMAA’s global strategies and programming. Jason has conducted numerous education sessions on topics including leadership, management competencies, management and delegation, organizational behavior and change, membership marketing, communication, strategic planning and team development for the Club Managers Association of Southern Africa (CMASA), the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE), the China Chapter of CMAA, the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM), The Private Club Alliance of Russia (PCA), Golf Managers of New Zealand (GMANZ), The Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF) based in Singapore, The United Arab Emirates Club Managers and The Colombian Club Managers Association as well as CMAA. Jason has published a number of articles in both academic peer reviewed journals as well as trade magazines. In addition, Jason has received awards and lectured at numerous hospitality programs in the United States as well as in Russia. Jason’s areas of expertise include; strategic planning, self-awareness, team development, leadership, organizational change, management & delegation and career planning & development. In addition to his global contributions Jason teaches in CMAA’s BMI Strategic Leadership program and conducts a session on personality and self-awareness in CMAA’s Club Governance and Leadership Summits aimed at promoting healthy Club Governance in clubs in the USA.

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