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Use the form below if you already know which staff member you wish to contact. If you're unsure, you can review the staff duties lists below.

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Staff Duties

Not sure who to contact? Find out which areas each staff member oversees. 

Sumayah Arcusa—Student membership, Student Chapters, Faculty members, National Student Education Conference, Verified Internship Program, Student awards programs

Jayne Ayers—World Conference, CMAA Meetings & Events

Brenden Beckett—Social media support

Erica Benjamin—Member updates, Chapter management, Chapter officers, digital membership cards, Idea Fair, Chapter Idea Fair, Chapter of the Year, Longevity Program, 25-Year Club

Kimberly Campuzano—Partnerships, sponsorships

Alanna Eckard—New members, Chapter transfers, member updates, prospective members, National dues, New Member Recruitment Contest, Continuation Status

Michele Gyuras—Event registration/cancellations

Kyle Jennings—General communications, CMAA newsletters (Outlook, Chapter Digest, Club Management Weekly), emails, social media

Melissa Low, CAE—Advocacy, Club Management magazine, Club Executive of the Year, podcast, logo and brand usage, Leadership/Legislative Conference, press releases and media inquiries

Kim Pasquale—National Committees, Board of Directors and Elections, Fellows, Leadership/Legislative Conference, CMAA bylaws & policies

Roy Quini—Logos and imagery

Kelly Jo Springirth—Club Business Expo, Exhibitors

Sara Thom—Wine Society, Member Interest Groups, CMAA Communities

Karen Woodie—Career Services, job postings, résumé critiques, coaching

Michelle Carrington—Webinars, World Conference education (primary)

Dawn Coleman—CMAA Education, World Conference education (secondary)

Amilcar Davy—CMAA Research

Bob Gould—Club Resource Center, CMAA University

Jason Koenigsfeld, PH.D.—Global Certification and educational strategies/partnerships, Fellows

Sonya Peterbark—Education Credits, Credit History, transcripts, certification (primary)

Brian Watkins—BMIs, certification (secondary), World Conference education (backup)

Chris Velo—CMAA’s Website

Jason Tate—Finance and Accounting

Michele Gyuras—Event Registration/Cancellations

Pam Barrett—Accounting

Ava Spece—The Club Foundation, scholarships, grants

Ishan Tuli—Accounting

Contact Staff

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